By Marilyn Jensen,
Sister Bay Trading Company

Door County has experienced a beautiful winter this year! Our snow fall has been plentiful and especially beautiful. While I still relish each snowfall I find myself in search of light and color not only in my wardrobe but especially in my home! The “buzz” word now is re-decorate which means to re-distribute, utilizing what you have. Winter is the perfect time to spruce up the interior of your home, and there are simple economical ways to transform your space and improve your outlook during the winter weeks ahead!


An old fashioned spring cleaning can do wonders for your home. Attack clutter and clear it away! Recycle winter magazines and replace with gardening magazines and flower books. Stack neatly on a coffee or end table. Incorporate spring flowers into your existing winter greens and it will give you just a hint of the season to come.


While we may still want to have a gaggle of furniture around the fireplace for the evenings – try moving a comfortable chair by a sunny window for morning coffee or afternoon reading. Place a large mirror opposite a window to open up a room – it will double the amount of natural light. Re-evaluate all of your interior lighting, with the right mix you can bring “sunshine” into any room create drama, and visually alter a room’s dimensions.


Color – bring it on! There is nothing that will create new energy in a room more than color. Turn up the heat with a warm color on a focal point wall or a tired piece of furniture. I love to paint ceilings in an unexpected color. Just pick the predominant color in your room and apply it to you ceiling. It can be done in one day and only cost a gallon of paint!


If it presently is squared off consider setting your furniture and carpet on an angle. It will change the whole dynamics and focal point of your room. Try “” for inexpensive slipcovers to lighten up and transform your heavy winter furniture. Open up your rooms as much as possible (even eliminate pieces) to create a light and spacious feel.


Live with what you love – but clean it up! Try stripping your room of all your photos and nick-knacks. Group like textures and values together in uneven numbers. Create layers and different heights to tell your story. Old novels and books are a great addition for pyramiding. Thoughtfully add back pieces and don’t be afraid to store some things to reintroduce at a later date. I believe each room should have a touch of whimsy and make you smile when you enter!


Find your loneliest corner and add a touch of greenery. White birch with green leaves will do wonders to liven up any dark space. Go the extra mile and add an up-light to shower your new corner with light. Now is the time to start integrating green in all of your rooms. Topiary’s work well in almost every application. A simple herb garden, hearty ivy or spider plants are all good indoor plants. Nothing says spring like a bouquet of fresh cut flowers and could do wonders to up-lift our spirits. Defy Mother Nature and place a spring wreath on your front door!

If these suggestions have not motivated you and it all seems over whelming team up with your girlfriends and take turns evaluating each others home and re-decorating together. You will not only get the job done but create wonderful memories in the process. This is the year to get back to the basic’s, re-accessing and utilizing what we already have and to realize what is truly important – so put your heart and your creativity into making a comfortable, secure retreat for your family and friends. Welcome Spring!!